shine  solar

Garkane has always been interested in renewable energy technology, and recently finished construction on its first ever community solar project.

Combined with this facility and its current Boulder hydro plants, Garkane now has options to provide a program with your investment

going towards locally generated renewable energy. If you wish to enroll in this program, you can count on your dollars going towards local renewable

energy projects within Garkane's system. The SHINE program stands for Solar Hydro Investment iN the Environment. 

You can sign up to for this program to help support Garkane's focus on renewable energy. The way to support Garkane in this effort is buy purchasing

100 kWh blocks of renewable energy from our local SHINE facilities. These small amounts purchased by multiple Garkane consumers adds up over time, 

and allows us to build Solar facilities in our local communities. You can purchase as many as you feel comfortable contributing. Fill out the form below to sign up

           1 block 100 kWh ($1.95 per/month)

           1 block 200 kWh ($3.90 per/month)

           1 block 300 kWh ($5.85 per/month) 

I would like to enroll in Garkane Energy’s SHINE Program.

I give permission to Garkane Energy to use these funds for renewable energy investments on my behalf.

I agree to pay the extra charge of $1.95 per 100 kilowatt hour (kWh) block on my monthly electric bill as so specified below. 

You will never be charged more than the allotment you signed up for. For example if you signed up for 100 kWh block, you will 

only be charged $1.95 extra per month.