• No requirement for a security deposit
            • Smaller, more frequent payments can be made on the account
            • Avoid late fees
            • Monitor usage online or by contacting GEC business offices.

The Prepaid Service Plan is a voluntary program for residential members that allows users to pay for their electricity before they use it. This approach gives members more flexibility and control over their electricity use. Avoid deposits and late fees, customize their payment schedule, and purchase energy when convenient. 

There is no additional cost to sign up for this program. Existing members can convert their accounts to prepay, or new members can sign up by agreeing to the application terms. If you signup, you must have a $50 credit balance on the account for daily usage. Past due balances must be paid down to a minimum of $400, but Garkane recommends paying off any past due balance. To sign up, click on the link below to download and print the application. Take it into any Garkane office for further instruction. 

Printout Prepay Application - Click Here to download and bring it into any Garkane Office

Online Prepay Application - scroll down below

Contact any office with questions 800-747-5403

The Prepaid Service Plan (the "Plan") is an optional program approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Utah Division of Public Utilities for Garkane’s qualifying standard offer, single phase residential customers who desire to alleviate the financial impact of posting a deposit or otherwise securing their service account. It is not available to time-of-use, net metering or critical (medical necessity) customers or for those participating in the Budget Payment Plan. The Plan is not suitable for members that are unable or unwilling to receive, recognize and respond to low balance warnings or to reach and push the reconnect button located at the meter in the case service is disconnected. The Plan is designed to give the member more control over their electric usage and more opportunities to reduce their electricity costs. Some of the plan's features that are designed to help members include:
Payments can be made on the Plan utilizing any of Garkane's payment systems, including online payments, our pay-by-phone number 877-487-7436, payments at our Customer Service offices during normal GEC business hours and 24-hour Kiosks at various locations. The Plan offers members access to their current and historical consumption to assist them in managing their prepaid service. Once a member has registered online, this history can be accessed and their contact information updated with a secure member login at GEC's member website. Alternatively, the Customer can contact the Cooperative's business offices during normal business hours. Daily usage Information is available through GEC's website and business offices. The information is updated once prior to the start of each business day.

GEC's Prepaid Service Plan is available to qualifying residential customers only in those areas where GEC has installed appropriate metering technology to read, connect and disconnect your service remotely. In such case, no serviceman is needed to be dispatched for reconnection or disconnection of the meter. The customer must push the reset button after establishing a positive prepaid balance in order to re-establish actual service, which can take up to 2 hours for power to be restored.


Prepaid Application

Electric service is subject to immediate disconnection any time, seven days a week, if an account does not have a credit (prepaid) balance, except in Arizona when the temperature is colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the next day's forecast, or other weather conditions as determined by the Arizona Corporation Commission.
The member will receive an electronic message warning notices of low prepaid balances on their account after the Member's balance is less than their current daily average usage times four (4). Warnings will be provided by email, and/or text message to the email address and phone numbers designated by the member. These messages will be sent when the account is low until the prepaid balance is exhausted. Other methods of notification may be used with the consent of Garkane Energy and the customer.
When the prepaid balance reaches zero, the electronic message warning notices will indicate that disconnection has occurred. It is the member's responsibility to make adequate payment to avoid disconnection, and to bring their account back to a prepaid balance of at least $20 after disconnection in order to have service restored. Upon the member re-establishing the minimum prepaid balance, service will usually be restored within 2 hours, subject to the member pushing the reset button at the meter. When clicking the reset button, the member should hear the meter engage. This will take anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours for power to be restored.
Member recognizes the need to be able to receive, recognize and respond to low balance warnings and to be able to reach and push the reconnect button located at their meter in the event service is disconnected for any reason. Upon becoming unable to meet the foregoing conditions.   Member shall notify GEC within 10 days and transfer to standard (postpaid) service, including payment of any deposit and fees required under GEC's Rules and Regulations.
Member authorizes GEC to charge their prepaid account for electric services rendered in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and Tariffs of the Cooperative.
Member has the ability to access their consumption history as described above and it is their responsibility to utilize the balance information and their consumption in order to maintain a prepaid balance in their account at all times to avoid disconnection of service.
Member is responsible for maintaining accurate contact information including telephone number, email address and mailing address at all times.
Member Holds Harmless GEC, Its directors, officers, employee and agents for damages resulting from disconnecting service in accordance with approved tariffs and rules and regulations of the Cooperative.
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I have carefully read and I understand the terms within the Garkane Prepaid Service Agreement and understand the difference between prepaid service and standard residential (postpaid) service. I am requesting that GEC establish prepaid electric service for my account.
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