Garkane now requires each Net-Meter Solar applicant to watch our Solar Orientation Video and take a quiz to ensure all steps are followed and the process to apply is fully understood. Once the applicant has passed the orientation quiz with 100%, our Field Service Rep will email you the Net Meter Application. All installers/contractors working within Garkane's service territory will also have to watch the video orientation and take the quiz to be approved to install solar systems for our members. 

Click to start the quiz - Your results will be emailed directly to our staff, and your Net Meter Solar application will be emailed to you. 




Net Metering is a term that refers to having a generating facility where you export unused electricity back to the grid. This is common for residential solar systems on a home or wind turbines. A Net-meter calculates the usage your facility generates and what is consumed compared to what is exported back to the grid.   


We have seen multiple instances where new solar owners have bypassed the net-metering application process and hooked up their own solar system to the meter. This means the meter was not setup or commissioned to properly read kWh consumption vs kWh generated so all electricity flowing through gets billed as consumption, rather than offsetting the generation from the panels. Part of the net metering approval process is commissioning tests and inspection to confirm that the system isolates/disconnects itself from our system appropriately for safety reasons. So it's a huge safety concern as well as billing concern if the owner of the solar system is planning on getting credited for the energy generated by the solar panels. 

Interested in Net Metering, please download the application and review the requirements. Contact James Clegg our Energy Advisor with questions at 435-261-3988 

Please email application to Taleana Virostko at or drop off at any Garkane office. 


It is important to gather as much information as you can in order to make the best decision for your situation.  The following information is available to help our members with the process.

*In order to accommodate as many members to connect to the grid with cogeneration systems, we will not allow a system larger than 125% of max demand recorded for the service location.

*For Net Metering over 25 kW or for a General Service Net Metering application, please contact for engineering and application requirements.