Rebate Programs - Being energy efficient pays in multiple ways.

A $50 - $400 per ton rebate is available for all energy efficiency heat pumps 16.0 SEER or above, less than 65,000 btu/hr or 13.0 SEER for greater than 65,000 btu/hr. Garkane is also providing $400 per ton rebate on all groundwater source heat pumps. 

Fill out the application and provide a receipt for the purchase and installation of the heat pump. Members must also provide a heat load calculation for the structure or area of the system. Garkane will issue a check after the heat pump has been installed  in Garkane's service territory. Receipts can be emailed to

Save big when you upgrade to an energy efficient water heater. Receive a $350 rebate on all qualified water heaters. Fill out the application first to see if your intended purchase qualifies. Once the water heater has been installed, Garkane will send  you the rebate check. Email to see if your water heater qualifies.