Garkane's Time-Of-Use Rate Program Called Half-Price Power

This program provides an opportunity to reduce your electrical bill. When you sign up for this program,

Garkane crews will replace your current meter with a new meter. 

The graphic below shows when these times occur. The base rate on this program is $35. Rates are different for Utah And Arizona residents, be sure to click the link for exact rates. 

UTAH Half-Price Power rates - Click here for Residential

UTAH Half-Price Power rates - Click here for City Irrigation, General Service, and Commercial 

ARIZONA Half-Price Power rates - Click here for Residential

ARIZONA Half-Price Power rates - Click here for General Service, Commercial


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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Each account is different and it depends on how much you are able to shift your power usage. Some members can save up to 20% on their bill.

A. Your current meter only tracks total kWh usage, the new meter collects usage on intervals on when electricity is used. Crews have to install a new time-of-use meter so it may take up to a couple of weeks to get the new meter installed. 

A. There is not a cost to sign up for the program. 

Your minimum bill will remain at $35, but the base rate moves from $22 to $27. 

A: The program is voluntary and members may opt out of the program at any time. However we encourage you to try the program for 12 months to realize the potential benefits. Due to the cost of the new meter, if the member opts out of the program, he/she will not be able to re-enroll for at least 12 months. We also have a policy, that if your power is turned off because of delinquency or failure to pay, you will be removed from the program and only allowed to sign back up after 12 months.