Prepaid Service application

The Prepaid Service Plan (the "Plan") is an optional program approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Utah Division of Public Utilities for Garkane’s qualifying standard offer, single phase residential customers who desire to alleviate the financial impact of posting a deposit or otherwise securing their service account. It is not available to time-of-use, net metering or critical (medical necessity) customers or for those participating in the Budget Payment Plan. The Plan is not suitable for members that are unable or unwilling to receive, recognize and respond to low balance warnings or to reach and push the reconnect button located at the meter in the case service is disconnected. The Plan is designed to give the member more control over their electric usage and more opportunities to reduce their electricity costs. 

Once a member has registered online, this history can be accessed and their contact information updated with a secure member login at Garkane's website. Alternatively, the Customer can contact the Cooperative's business offices during normal business hours 8:00-5:00 p.m. Daily usage Information is available through Garkane's Smarthub online portal or mobile app. The information is updated once prior to the start of each business day.

Garkane's Prepaid Service Plan is available to qualifying residential customers only in those areas where Garkane has installed appropriate metering technology to read, connect and disconnect your service remotely. In such case, no serviceman is needed to be dispatched for reconnection or disconnection of the meter. The customer must push the reset button after establishing a positive prepaid balance in order to re-establish actual service, which can take up to 2 hours for power to be restored.