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New Construction Application

Application For A New Construction Service


Fill out the following information for service. By adding your name in the signature field, you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

The undersigned (hereinafter called ("applicant") hereby applies for membership in and agrees to purchase electric energy from Garkane Energy Cooperative, Inc. (hereinafter called the "Cooperative") upon the following terms and conditions: 

     1. Applicant will comply with and be bound by the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Cooperative, and such rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the Cooperative. 

     2. Applicant assumes no personal liability or responsibility for any debts or liabilities of the Cooperative, and it is expressly understood that under the law his/her private property is exempt from execution for any such debts or liabilities.

     3. Applicant understands and agrees that he will not become a Member of the Cooperative unless and until this application is expressly accepted by the Board of Directors.

     4. Applicant agrees to make all payments to the Cooperative at one of its Business Offices or at such other location as designated by the Cooperative. If legal suit is commenced to collect amounts due the Cooperative, Applicant agrees and acknowledges that such action may be filed, at the option of the Cooperative, in any county in which services were received by Applicant with all costs incurred in collecting the same including court costs and attorney fees to be paid by Applicant. 

     5. Consistent with the Cooperative's Bylaws, Applicant, as property owner, hereby grants to the Cooperative rights-of-way to place, construct, operate, maintain and replace power lines and equipment associated with the provision of electricity, and to cut and trim trees and shrubbery to keep them clear of power lines, consistent with prudent utility practice, including the excavation, replacement, and repair of underground facilities. 

6. Applicant hereby grants the Cooperative authority to communicate timely information about service interruptions, outage restoration efforts, and other account notices through text by phone, email, and other communication channels. 

7. When a portion of a dwelling is used regularly for business, professional or gainful purposes, the premises will be classified non-residential and  the appropriate schedule applied. 



I am aware of the $50 connection fee which will be billed on my first statement. 

Unless I provide a Letter of Credit from my previous Utility Company I will be required to make a security deposit with Garkane. This amount is an estimate of three months service or $170 which ever is greater for residential service.  A security deposit is required for all renters.

If an underground line is requested all trenching, backfilling and ground restoration will be my responsibility.

      (Must conform to requirement Figure I on back)

Prior to trenching I will contact Blue Stakes at 1-800-662-4111 or 811.

I am aware that I am responsible to install the meter base; meter bases for underground service requires a 2 inch minimum conduit sweep. (Garkane does not provide the temporary or permanent meter bases)

I am aware that the estimated construction amount and impact fee(s) must be paid and all right-of-way easements received prior to scheduling my project for construction. Scheduling will be made by Garkane personnel. Consumer may be responsible for helping collect private easements using a Garkane approved form.

Prior to energizing the line the following items must be accomplished:

    a.  All trenches from the transformer or pole to the meter base must be backfilled.

    b.  The meter base (temporary and permanent) must be inspected and approved by the local Building 


    c.  If a temporary meter base is requested it will be placed by an existing approved Garkane structure. 

         (Temporary meter bases are supplied by the consumer)

Garkane is not responsible for providing electrical code information for the meter base or on the consumer side of the meter base.

I have reviewed the estimated construction cost and I am aware that the estimate expires 30 days from the estimate date. (See estimate for specific date of expiration) A new estimate will be required if the project is not started prior to the estimate expiration date.

Once power is made available, even though a meter has not been installed, the consumer will be responsible to pay the monthly minimum bill.

Once you have sent your application, please contact a Garkane office. 

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