Construction Application Process

New Construction Process

  • 1. The first step in getting power hooked up to your new construction facility with Garkane is to fill out and sign a "New Construction Application" 

  • 2. Provide a simple site plan, plat map with dimensions, property line, and service location. email (click here for an site plan example)

  • 3. Complete the load calculation worksheet. (Click here to download worksheet)  

  • 4. Submit a $200 engineering deposit. Call 435-414-9610 to pay by credit card or visit any office. The engineering fee will go towards expenses such as those incurred as part of the design process, and will be applied towards the final cost of the job. The application for new service will place the applicant's request for service into the New Construction Schedule and will also be used to establish a billing account for the new service. 
  • 5. Construction Checklist - Click Here to download.
  • 6. Guide, Workflow, & Timeline for new construction process - Click Here

New Construction Application 

New Construction/Upgrade Application - Click here to download

(Click here to fill out the application online).

Handbook & Guidelines - Click here to download

(A New Construction Handbook is also available for pickup in any Garkane office) 

New Subdivision / RV Park Development Application - Click here to download

Residential subdivision / RV park electric service requirements are listed in the application document.


For any questions regarding New Construction, Subdivision, or RV park development requirements,

Please call Taleana Virostko at 435-414-9610 or email her at