Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Members of a cooperative are represented by elected board members who help shape the policy and procedures of the cooperative. Board members fill the position for a period of three years, in which a general member election is held.  Garkane is made up of 11 districts spread out over our service territory in South-Central Utah and Northern Arizona. Members interested in running for a board position must fill out a petition with fifteen member signatures and turn it into any Garkane office. Members can contact their respective board members with questions or concerns. 

If you are interested in running for a Board of Directors seat, please download the nomination petition form and follow the application guidelines. Open Board of Director seats are announced at the beginning of each year with notifications going out in the January edition of the HIGHLIGHTS newsletter. Elections are held every year, on a rotating basis between each district. Board of Director terms are for three years. Rules regarding nomination petitions are as follows. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure all signatures qualify. Names/signatures listed must be the actual account holder in order to qualify. No member may sign more than one notice of candidacy, and only one signature per voting account is permitted (example, a husband and wife from the same account cannot both sign the form). 

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2021 Board of Directors

District #1 LaDon Torgersen  - Koosharem, Grass Valley, Antimony, Burrville 

Click here for District 1 Map Boundaries

District #2 Chad Williams  - Loa, Lyman, Teasdale, Grover

Click here for District 2 Map Boundaries

District #3 Tracy Potter - Bicknell, Hanksville, Fruita, Torrey

Click here for District 3 Map Boundaries

District #4 Reed Munson - Escalante, Boulder

Click here for District 4 Map Boundaries

District #5 Terry Griffiths - Orderville, Glendale, Mt. Carmel, Alton

Click here for District 5 Map Boundaries

District #6 George Thompson. - Tropic, Hatch, Henrieville, Cannonville

Click here for District 6 Map Boundaries

District #7 Andy Gant - Kanab Creek Ranchos, Johnson Canyon

Click here for District 7 Map Boundaries

District #8 Rodney Ence (Vice Pres.) Duck Creek Village, Strawberry, Meadow View Heights

Click here for District 8 Map Boundaries

District #9 William Hammon - (President) Big Water, Centennial Park, Cane Beds 

Click here for District 9 Map Boundaries

District #10 Ray Clark - Kanab City

Click here for District 10 Map Boundaries

District #11 Guy Timpson - Hildale, Colorado City                                                  

Click here for District 11 Map Boundaries